Rectangular Insert Information Floor Sign

Our sign holders offer our customers a simple and efficient solution for displaying information that needs daily or constant update. Steel support rods adjusts to the height that's perfect for your needs. Weighted base keeps the sign in place. Includes 12 printed signs including: Please Wait To Be Seated; Authorized Personnel Only; Please Watch Your Step; Please Order Here; Meeting in Progress; Please Seat Yourself; Smoking In Designated Areas Only; Smoking Permitted In This Area Only; Welcome Please Register; No Smoking; Caution Wet Floor; Section Closed; and 2 blank dry erase board to customize to your individual needs.

  • Size Code
  • 11" H x 15" W SIG05050505
  • Features
  • Useful to display warnings and directions
  • Double-sided exposure
  • Rectangular horizontal floor sign includes 12 printed signs, and 2 blank dry-erasable signs
  • The signs are laminated and can be easily wiped to keep them clean
  • Weighted base and steel adjustable height support rod
  • Durable and easy to transport
  • Height adjustable from 43" to 58"
  • Specifications
  • Usage Frequent
  • Frame Plastic
  • Mounting Vertical
  • Double Sided Yes
  • Mounting Kit Included