Magnetic Planning Kit

The magnetic planning accessory kit contains everything you need to create a professional looking planning board. Great for calendar boards or when dates are part of your planning process. Easy to move when things change. Months and dates are 1"x2" and the number of days are 1"x1". Contains red and blue mini magnet arrows, squares, triangles and circle shapes; day, number and month calendar magnets; 10 data cards, red tape to divide the board as you wish and a dry-eraser. The professional kit contains additional blue and yellow magnetic tape, cleaner wipes and spray cleaner.

  • Size Feature Code
  • - Professional KT1317
  • - Basic KT1416
  • Features
  • Use the kit to maximise your productivity and organise your work with efficiency
  • Day, number and month calendar magnets to create a custom planner board
  • Use magnetic tape to divide the board as you wish
  • All components are dry-erase and re-usable
  • Red, blue, green and black dry erase markers to different highlights
  • The professional kit includes an additional blue and yellow dividing tape as well as cleaner wipes and spray cleaner
  • Specifications
  • Magnetic Yes
  • Usage Extensive