Magnetic Data Cards Paper Refills

MasterVision Magnetic Data Cards make building and maintaining your planning board easier. These assorted color and white data card paper inserts are perforated every and fits MasterVision Magnetic Data Cards. Great for labeling shelves, filing cabinets, and other steel surfaces. Arrange data effortlessly when changes become necessary with MasterVision magnetic data cards. Colors include white, salmon, green, blue, yellow.

  • Size Feature Code
  • 1" H x 2" W - 1000 inserts Assorted Colors FM1312
  • 3" H x 1-3/4" W - 500 inserts White FM1513
  • 1'' H x 8.5'' W - 10 shts Assorted Colors FM1614
  • 1'' H x 8.5'' W - 10 shts White FM1615
  • Features
  • Pre-sized to make labels easily
  • Use data card holders repeatedly, just replace the inserts
  • Perforated to easly be cut to fit the individual data cards
  • Assorted Colors skus include white, salmon, green, blue and yellow
  • Sheet size = 8.5" x 11" of the FM1614 and FM1615
  • Specifications
  • Surface Paper