Bleed Blocker Recycled Easel Pad Rolls

Easy to store or transport, these easel pads eliminate the bulky backer, and allow you to save space and waste. Just unroll, hang as you would any easel pad, and write! Super Value Bleed Blocker Recycled Easel Pad Roll 4 Pack, 50 Sheet, 25" X 30" White

  • Size Code
  • 30''" H x 25''" W FL2330102
  • Features
  • A super value that’s easier to store, saves waste and saves you money
  • Can be used with any presentation easel
  • Perforated for any tear off
  • Prevents pen ‘bleeding’ to the next page
  • Sheet Size: 30” x 25”
  • 50 sheets per Roll
  • 4 rolls per pack
  • Specifications
  • Surface Paper