Adhesive Magnetic Rolls

The Adhesive Magnetic Tape Roll allows you to arrange data easily and quickly when changes become necessary. Print paper labels and apply to the adhesive side. Attach pictures, business cards and more. Great for all magnetic surfaces: boards, file cabinets, storage lockers and more.

  • Size Feature Code
  • ½" x 7' White FM2319
  • 1" x 4' White FM2020
  • ½" x 50' White FM2321
  • 1" x 50' White FM2021
  • Features
  • Print paper labels and apply to the adhesive side
  • Use to make labels, or adhere to anything you want to put on a magnetic surface
  • Magnetic rolls with an adhesive on one side
  • Attach to pictures, business cards, and much more
  • Simply cut pieces of the roll to the size that you need
  • Available in 2 different heights and 4 width: 50, 7, 4 feet long
  • Specifications
  • Magnetic Yes
  • Usage Extensive